(novembre 2010)


And yes, the boat left LA MORENA shipyards of Alcala in 1998, almost 12 years, so we decided to restore youth and vitality .... It is returned to its designers now transferred to the workshops in Guia de Isora, to be renovated .. The hull and interior were completely covered of fiberglass to give buoyancy and a perfect seal.

The captain's seat was removed to allow more space for our fellow divers, the engine compartment and the console also remade in fiber. The engine left him in a workshop at Volvo S / C de Tenerife a complete REVISION and painting. All electrical connections have been redone, and the propeller shaft and propeller were changed after a study the ratio to determine what propeller to be installed, and increase the browsing speed of the boat ... LA MORENA

1 st step:

Out of the water by crane, truck loading and destination workshop yard.

2 sd step :

Drying in the sun of Tenerife, then sanding all interior and exterior. Dismantling engine, steering gear and propeller shaft ...

3 rd step :

Laying fiberglass outer shell portion.

4 th step :

Laying the fiberglass interior, and new console panel.

5 th step :

Painting, engine assembly and electrical connections ...

6 th step :

Return of the boat and launch...