Sandrine Boutet

“ The queen of welcome“

Instructor PADI (OWSI) n° 322204

Instructor EFR (Emergency First Response)

Speciality Instructor PADI : nitrox, deep dive, drift dive, night dive and wreck Instructor 1* CEDIP/ADIP n°98417

Instructor Pro Nrc Nitrox n° 501114

and administration of La Morena...

she welcomes you at the centre, organize your travel, bref is here for you...


Gilles Hue

“ make you share his passion”

Instructor *** CEDIP / ADIP n° 98310

Instructor Advanced Nitrox CEDIP / ADIP & all Specialty

Instructor for Children CEDIP / ADIP

Instructor ** FFESSM / CMAS n° FRA/F00/34/10/008807/68/34/00000000006

Instructor Advanced Nitrox FFESSM / CMAS

FFESSM Rifa dive & Anteor

Instructor ** CMAS n° THA/F01/M2/07/0071

Instructor ** TDA / CMAS n° 0206

Assistant Instructor & Divemaster NAUI n° 47672

Divemaster PADI n° 981768

Instructor Pro Nrc Nitrox n° 501113

Guide of group FEDAS n° GG/001186

Administrator of oxigene n° A0/001305

Aqualung technician

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